Date Submitted Name Subject Comment
07 October 2015 Anne Heslin neé Critchley Fish round the pinnacle I have a very vivid memory of being taken to the rose garden one winter in the early 60s from Ribblesdale nursery school when the pinnacle had water round it with fish in. The very cold weather had frozen the water and the teacher with us went to break the ice. Unfortunately for her she hit the ice a little too hard and her sleeve went in the water! It was giggles all round from us 4 year olds.
13 June 2017 Janet Townend My Great Grandfather, Tom Greenwood was Parks superintendent for Clitheroe My Great Grandfather Tom Greenwood was Parks Superintendent for Clitheroe. I remember being taken to the Rose Garden and being told he built it. I have an old photo of myself, my mother and sister taken next to the pond. I would guess it was taken about 1961.
13 July 2015 Martin Seddon An invitation Please use this facility to let us have your memories relating to both the pinnacle and Sir William Brass. Anything you can remember will help build the information we have about this interesting subject.